Instrument Technique Classes

GuitaristThese classes are taught in small groups and are arranged in three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. They enable the beginner student to gain a firm grasp of the fundamentals and the continuing student to delve into the intricacies of technique.

The classes are not geared towards exams or tests but rather concentrate on the joy of playing.

We currently offer classes for folk guitar, fiddle, accordion, melodeon, and bodhran (Irish drum).  Please contact us for other instruments as we may be able to start new classes if there is enough interest.

Group Classes

AccordionThe group classes bring together students playing different instruments. The focus here is on learning folk standards and listening to your fellow musicians in order to play sympathetically and cohesively.

Direction is provided in arranging the tunes or songs. Although there are two levels – beginner and advanced – the principles taught are the same for both levels.

The groups work towards programmes that are performed in a concert at the end of each term.